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Full Carbon Fiber
Matt Black 515 grams


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Introducing the Balugoe 26 Inch Carbon Fiber Fork, an innovative solution for mountain bike enthusiasts looking to enhance their ride. Made from high-quality T-800 carbon fiber, this fork combines strength with exceptional lightness, revolutionizing your mountain biking experience.

26 Inch Carbon Fiber Fork Product Specifications:

  • Recommended frame size: 26 inch.
  • Material: T-800 full carbon fiber.
  • Colour: Matt black.
  • Brand: Balugoe.
  • Model number: MCFF26-B.
  • Weight: 515 grams +/- 5%.
  • Brake mount type: Disc brake with 74mm hole spacing and 160mm rotors.
  • Steering tube diameter: 28.6 mm.
  • Front fork opening: 100 mm.
  • Fork offset (rake) 42 mm.
  • Dimensions: As below.

Key Benefits:

  1. Significant weight reduction: The T-800 carbon fiber construction markedly lowers the overall weight of your MTB, enhancing maneuverability.
  2. Strength and durability: Despite its lightness, this fork provides remarkable strength and resilience, ensuring a safe, reliable ride.
  3. Disc brake compatibility: Equipped with 74mm spaced mounting holes, it’s perfectly designed for disc brakes, offering superior stopping power.
  4. Improved handling: The fork’s design contributes to better handling and control, especially on challenging terrains and steep descents.
  5. Versatile use: Ideal for both professional racers and casual riders, this fork suits various mountain biking styles and preferences.
  6. Stylish matt black finish: Adds a sleek, modern aesthetic to your bike, complementing its design with a touch of elegance.
  7. Easy installation: Designed for a hassle-free setup, it can be quickly and effortlessly mounted on your bike.
  8. Enhanced comfort: Reduces vibrations and shocks from rough trails, offering a smoother and more comfortable ride.
  9. Eco-friendly material: The use of carbon fiber is a step towards more sustainable biking gear, reducing environmental impact.
  10. Upgrade compatibility: Works seamlessly with our available disc brake pad sets for a complete braking system overhaul.

26 Inch Fork  Dimensions

26 inch forks dimensions

Product Summary

With its cutting-edge design and top-notch materials, the Balugoe 26 Inch Carbon Fiber Fork is the perfect upgrade for any mountain biking enthusiast. Offering a blend of durability, lightness, and performance, it’s an essential addition to elevate your mountain biking adventures.

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