Air Bed with Built
in Pump
1-2 Person


Our air bed with built in pump can have two units joined together to form a double air mattress. This is a more reliable than using one double air mattress as the weight is better distributed across two beds. By using two separate mattresses you will also get a better nights sleep. Of course these mattresses are also great to use on their own.

two mattresses joined to make double mattress

Another thing which makes these sleeping mats so good is their height. To get good insulation from the cold the higher off the ground your air the warmer you will be. These camping mats inflate up to 10 cm high which is twice the height of most camping mattresses.

10cm high sleeping mat

These camping mats are quick and easy to inflate using their built in foot/handpumps. Air is push into the mattress using for foot or hand like you would when performing CPR. This method prevents moisture build up inside the mattress from inflation via mouth. Furthermore is considered easier than blowing up using using your mouth.

It is also quick and easy to deflate the air using the dual valve system. This dual valve system also enables air levels to be adjusted to achieve optimum levels of comfort.

To slowly release air from the air bead simply push down the valve to release the air. To release air fast and pack up the camping mat quickly pull both the top and bottom top layers of the valve out.

dual valve for easy inflation and deflation

Another reasonably unique feature of these inflatable sleeping mats is the double sided colouring. This allows the mattress to be used with either the blue or green side facing up. Because of this you get two mattresses in one. Useful for mixing things up in photos.

Air Bed with Built in Pump Specifications

  • Model number: ABBP970.
  • Net weight (in storage bag): 970 grams +/- 5%.
  • Size: 188 x 65 x 10 cm.
  • Pack size: 29 x 15 cm.
  • Number of users: 1 or 2 with two mattresses joined together.
  • Colour: Blue and green ( different colour on each side).
  • Material: 40D nylon TPU.
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