52T Crankset 104BCD
175mm Taper Square Hole
Bike Crank


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The 52T crankset is a lightweight, single-speed component made from durable aluminium alloy. Weighing only 750 grams, this crankset helps you reduce your bike’s overall weight. If your current crankset is steel, switch to this aluminium option for a significant weight reduction.

52T Crankset 104BCD

Use this 52T crankset to upgrade your bike’s performance. Replace smaller sprockets to increase your bike’s top speed. Alternatively, swap your multi-speed crank for this single-speed version to simplify your riding experience.

If you plan to replace a multi-gear crankset, we recommend testing your existing gears first. This process helps determine the ideal number of teeth for your new single-sprocket set.

For derailleurs with shifting problems, the 175mm crankset offers an affordable solution. Replace your multi-gear crankset and remove the front derailleur and gear shifter. This change improves gear reliability and lightens your bike.


  • Sprocket: 52 teeth
  • Crank length: 175 mm
  • Mounting type: Taper square hole
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Sprocket mount: BCD104
  • Chain ring type: Narrow wide
  • Chain compatibility: Single and double
  • Net weight: 750 grams +/- 5%
  • Model number: 104BCD52175
  • Colour: Black

Key Benefits of the 52T Crankset

  1. Lightweight design reduces overall bike weight.
  2. Aluminium alloy construction ensures durability.
  3. Single-speed setup simplifies maintenance.
  4. Improves top speed by replacing smaller sprockets.
  5. Enhances gear reliability and shifting.

Explore our other listings for more cranksets to suit your biking needs. Enhance your cycling experience with the versatile 52T Crankset. Lightweight and durable, it offers a significant upgrade for your bike.

Installation and Removal Instructions

Removal Instructions

  1. Shift the chain onto the smallest front chainring.
  2. Loosen and remove the bolts securing the current crankset.
  3. Carefully pull the crank arms off the spindle.
  4. Remove the chain from the chainring.

52T Crankset Installation Instructions

  1. Align the new crankset’s spindle with the bottom bracket.
  2. Slide the crank arms onto the spindle.
  3. Secure the bicycle crank using the provided bolts, tightening them firmly.
  4. Place the chain onto the new chainring.
  5. Test the 52t crankset by rotating the pedals and ensuring smooth operation.

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