5 gram Trout Lures
5 Different Colours
4.8 cm Long


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5 gram trout lures available in 5 different colours to change your luck. Features s shape design to generate enticing movement through water to sucker the trout onto your hook.

Trout Lures Specifications

  • Lure type: Spoon.
  • Weight: 5 grams.
  • Main body length: 4.8 cm
  • Max body width: 1.3 cm.
  • Total length including hook: Approximately 7 cm.
  • Hook size: 6#.
  • Body shape: Curved shape.
  • Brand: Suckerme.

Colours Available in Range

  • SMTL5G-001 – Yellow and Silver with Pink Spots.
  • SMTL5G-002 – Orange and Gold with Black Spots.
  • SMTL5G-003 – Yellow and Silver with Blue Spots.
  • SMTL5G-004 – Yellow and White with Black Spots.
  • SMTL5G-005 – Green and Yellow with Black Spots.

Silver pink and yellow, Orange gold and black, Blue Silver and yellow, Yellow black and white, Green yellow and black

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