44T Crankset 104BCD
170mm Taper Square Hole
Bike Crank


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This single speed 44T crankset is made from aluminum alloy. It is lightweight weighing only 710 grams.  If your existing crankset is steel you can use this single speed crankset to reduce your bicycles weight. Furthermore you can replace cranks with small sprockets to increase your bikes top speed.

Alternatively use it to upgrade your existing crank or replace a multi speed crank with this single speed crank.

170mm bike crank


If your derailleur has problems shifting gears you can use this 170mm crankset as a cheap alternative to replacing everything. Just replace your multi gear crankset with this one and remove your front derailleur and gear shifter stick. This will not only make gear shifting easier and more reliable it will lighten the weigh of your bicycle.

If you are replacing your multi gear crankset we recommend trying your existing gears on your multi-gear crankset first. This will help you decide how many teeth on a single sprocket set would be best for you.

For more cranksets see out other listings.

104BCD44170 44T Crankset Specifications

  • Sprocket: 44 teeth.
  • Crank length: 170 mm.
  • Mounting type: Taper square hole.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Sprocket mount: BCD104.
  • Chain ring type: Narrow wide.
  • Chain compatibility: Single and double.
  • Net weight: 700 grams +/- 5%.
  • Model number: 104BCD44170.
  • Colour: Black.


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