31.6 mm Dropper Post
100 mm Drop with
Manual Switch


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Introducing the Zoom Adjustable Dropper Seatpost, a game-changer in the MTB world, especially designed for riders who crave control and seamless biking experiences. Notably, this dropper post, with a 31.6mm diameter, is crafted to enhance your mountain biking (MTB), downhill (DH), all-mountain (AM), and cross-country (XC) rides across New Zealand’s diverse terrains.

Moreover, the Zoom Adjustable Dropper Seatpost is meticulously crafted from aerospace aluminum 7075, ensuring robustness and reliability on your rides. Furthermore, it boasts a hydraulic mechanism that allows for smooth adjustments, enabling you to stop at any desired position effortlessly.

Zoom, as a professional bike component manufacturer, not only assures high quality but also provides value for your money. Zoom brings confidence and assurance to your biking adventures with its top-tier components.

Key Features:

  • Adjustability for seamless height modifications
  • 100mm Travel Distance to cater to varied riding styles
  • Lightweight at 630g, ensuring no significant addition to your ride’s weight
  • Built in drop switch for quick and easy installation, no cabling required


  • Model number: DP316M-100
  • Brand: ZOOM
  • Model: Inbuilt drop switch
  • Offset: 18mm
  • Length: 375mm
  • Length: Min insert 100mm
  • Travel Distance: 100mm
  • Diameter: 31.6mm (Adaptor shims available to fit wider seatposts)
  • Weight: 630g
  • Material: Aluminum 7050 alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Sandblasted matte anode, matte black

Why Using a Dropper Post is a Wise Choice:

Utilizing a dropper post, such as the Zoom Adjustable Dropper Post 31.6mm, significantly elevates your biking experience, particularly in MTB and trail riding. Firstly, it provides rapid saddle height adjustments, catering to the constant shifts between climbing and descending terrains. Secondly, a dropper post enhances your center of gravity control during steep descents, offering stability and confidence on tricky trails.

Moreover, it allows for more playful riding, enabling you to easily maneuver and tackle obstacles with increased agility and balance. Furthermore, the ability to lower the saddle height on-demand facilitates safer rides, reducing the risk of over-the-bar accidents.

Conclusively, investing in a Zoom Adjustable Dropper Post 31.6mm is not merely an upgrade; it’s a nod to enhanced control, safety, and exhilarating biking adventures across the stunning trails of New Zealand.

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