30.9 Dropper Post Seat
Switch Operated 100mm
Travel 375mm Long


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Amazing value! This 30.9mm dropper post is the perfect upgrade for your mountain bike. It features a smooth, 100 mm of travel that can be activated with a simple built in seatpost switch, making it easy to get in and out of technical terrain.

It is quick and easy to install with no cabling required. Simply remove your existing seatpost and replace with this  one. The post is also lightweight and durable, making it a great choice for riders of all levels.

Height can be adjusted anywhere with a maximum height adjustment of 105 mm.

Benefits Using a Dropper Post

  • Improved control: When you’re riding off-road, it’s important to be able to move your weight around quickly and easily. A dropper post allows you to lower your saddle, which moves your weight back and gives you better control over your bike. This can be especially helpful when you’re riding over rough terrain or descending steep hills.
  • Increased safety: A dropper post can also help to improve your safety while riding. When you’re riding in technical terrain, it’s important to be able to lower your saddle so that you can have better clearance over obstacles. This can help to prevent you from getting your foot caught on something, which could cause you to crash.
  • More comfort: A dropper post can also make your rides more comfortable. When you’re riding uphill, you can raise your saddle to a higher position, which will give you more power and make it easier to pedal. When you’re riding downhill, you can lower your saddle to a lower position, which will give you more control and make it more comfortable to ride.

30.9mm Dropper Post Specifications

    • Model number: DP309375100-SW.
    • Brand: Adsports
    • Seat post tube size compatibility: 30.9 mm.
    • Total length: 375 mm.
    • Seat angle tilt adjustment: Zero degrees.
    • Min insertion length: 100 mm.
    • Max insertion length: 210 mm.
    • Adjustable travel: 105 mm.
    • Approximate weight: 600 grams.
    • Cable entry: No cable, switch built into seatpost.
    • Type: Hydraulic and air pressure sealed cartridge.
    • Material: 6061 forged Aluminum.

To fit into larger seat post tubes we also sell a range of seat post shims as shown below.

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