3 x 7 Speed Shifter
Combined with
Brake Lever


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This 3 x 7 speed shifter set is an all in one solution which saves valuable handlebar space. The gear selector and the brake lever are combined into one unit. Set includes a 3 speed left hand gear selector with brake lever and a right hand 7 speed lever and gear selector.

The set is compatible with existing 21 speed Shimano group sets.

3 x 7 Speed Shifter Combined with Brake Lever

7 Speed Shifter Features (SE-EF51-7)

  • 3 Speed left side with brake lever.
  • 7 Speed right side with brake lever.
  • Shifter cable included, brake cable not included.
  • Noise dampening bumper stoppers.
  • Visible gear selection display.
  • Compatible with liner-pull, cantilever, roller, and mechanical disc brakes.
  • Ergonomic shift/brake lever combination.
  • Compatible with existing Shimano systems.
  • Model number: SE-EF51-7.
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