2 Person Tunnel Tent
Army Green Colour
1700 grams


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Explore New Zealand’s outdoors with our MC2PT-AG 2-Person Tunnel Tent. A perfect choice for those on the go, this lightweight tent  is a great combination of features and value. Weighing in at a mere 1700 grams, it’s tailored for tramping and bike packing enthusiasts.

Product Specifications

2 Person Tunnel Tent Key Features

This tent offers the option of setting up the inner mesh tent independently. On those clear, warm days, sleep beneath the stars without any worry of mosquitos or sand flies, ensuring an uninterrupted view of New Zealand’s night skies and a bite-free experience.

Inner mesh tent

Comfortably sleeps two people when using the right mattresses such as the Vuno anti-roll off air mattresses. This is possible due to the tapered design of the tent which allows for two mattresses which also taper down to 45 cm wide at the mattress foot. This tapered design helps minimize the overall weight of the tent.

Sleeps 2 people

Despite its compact form, there’s no compromise on material quality. Constructed with waterproof polyester, it will keep you dry in most conditions. The floor, made of 210D oxford cloth making water proof to an index of 1500-2000 mm. We advocate using an additional ground sheet for optimal floor protection.

Waterproof polyester material

The tents poles are made from lightweight aluminum which helps keep the tents weight down to a low 1700 grams. The tent poles diameter is 7 mm which not only assists in reducing the weight of the tent it also reduces the packed size of the tent. This makes this tent suitable for backpacking as it will not take up too much room in your pack.

Lightweight aluminum tent poles

Another great feature of this tent is the door. If you have two hiking poles you can use the tents door as an awning to give you some shade from the sun. This is particularly useful if you can not find a tree to pitch your tent next to.

White tent set up with awning

Product Specifications

  • Model number: MC2PT-AG
  • Colour: Army Green.
  • Users: Two person tent.
  • Layers: Double layer.
  • Seasons: Summer, Spring, Autumn, plus winter without snow.
  • Fabrics: Polyester, 210D oxford cloth, mesh.
  • Poles: 7 mm Lightweight Aluminum.
  • Inner tent size: Max width 145 cm, min width 56 cm, length 215 cm, height 105 cm (see phot for more information).
  • Packed tent size: 36 x 15 x 15 cm.
  • Tent net weight 1,700 grams +/- 5%

Venture into NZ’s wilderness with confidence, armed with a tent that’s built to endure and impress.

Combating Condensation in Small Lightweight Tents

When it comes to outdoor adventures, a small lightweight tent often becomes the go-to shelter for enthusiasts. However, the confined space and lighter materials can sometimes lead to an increase in condensation. Because of this your cosy abode can turn into a damp environment.

Here’s some tips on how to tackle the issue:

  1. Ventilation: Ensure proper airflow by slightly opening tent vents or zippers. Tents are designed with a ventilation system ensure it is utilised by ensuring the vents are no obstructed. By allowing warm air to escape, you reduce condensation build-up.
  2. Pitching: Choose a spot wisely. Avoid areas like valleys where cold air settles or by streams where the air is moist. Elevated spots with good drainage are the most ideal.
  3. Groundsheet or Tent Footprint: Utilise a groundsheet or footprint beneath your tent. This acts as a barrier, preventing cold ground temperatures from turning the internal air moisture into condensation.
  4. Avoid Cooking Inside: Cooking releases a lot of moisture. If you must cook under shelter due to weather conditions, do so in the vestibule or tent porch, not inside the main compartment.
  5. Dry Clothing Elsewhere: Wet clothing can significantly increase humidity inside the tent. Whenever possible, let clothing dry outside or in vestibules.

Remember, while condensation is a natural phenomenon, with strategic steps, you can drastically reduce its presence, ensuring your tent remains a comfortable refuge during your outdoor escapades.

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