10 Speed Cassette
11~50 Teeth


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Looking for a quality 10 speed cassette for your bike at an affordable price?  Viaron rear cassettes are just what you need. Use them to upgrade your existing cassette or replace a worn out set of chain rings.

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Viaron cassettes are long lasting and reliable racing cassettes. They have been machined precisely and are made from high strength steel. Unlike some cheaper or counterfeit cog sets, these cassettes are made to last. Furthermore they will assist in the quick and smooth changing of your bikes gears.


Close-ratio gearing. Allows you to better control cadence for improved energy transfer efficiency.

Close Ratio Gearing

High strength steel manufacturing. These bicycle cassettes are constructed from high strength steel with nickel plating. This makes the cog durable with extreme resistance to abrasion.

High strength steel manufacturing

Anodized aluminum spiders. The top four cogs are riveted to anodized aluminum spiders. This adds stiffness without adding too much extra weight to the cog set. The extra firmness helps improve you gear shifting making changing gears more reliable.

10 speed cassette with anodized aluminum spiders

10 Speed Cassette Specifications

  • Brand : VIARON.
  • Chain rings in set:  10.
  • Teeth counts: 11, 13, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 50T.
  • Chain ring material: Nickle-plated steel.
  • Carrier material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Compatibility : For SHIMANO and SRAM (Note: Must be a conventional hub).

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