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Discover the effectiveness of using 10cm artificial worms for fishing in New Zealand’s diverse water bodies. Perfect for targeting species like trout and bass, these worms offer versatility and realism in various fishing conditions.

10cm Artificial Worms for Fishing in New Zealand

  1. Ideal for clear water: Visible yet realistic in clear conditions.
  2. Targeting trout and bass: Attracts these species in rivers and lakes.
  3. Use in smaller streams: Perfect for where larger lures are less effective.
  4. Suitable for finesse fishing: Works well for a subtle approach.
  5. Effective in spring and autumn: Fish are more active, likely to strike.
  6. Pair with light tackle: Best used with light rods and lines.
  7. Great for drop shot rigging: Allows precise control, appealing to fish.
  8. Use in areas with vegetation: Navigates easily through weeds and grasses.
  9. Ideal for catch and release: Causes less harm for sustainable fishing.
  10. Versatile in various depths: Effective from shallow to moderate depths.

10cm artificial worms are an excellent choice for anglers in New Zealand, offering versatility and effectiveness in various environments. They are particularly suited for clear water conditions, targeting specific fish species, and are compatible with different fishing techniques and seasons. Their size and design make them a sustainable option for catch and release, ensuring minimal harm to the fish population.


  • Brand: Suckerme
  • Part number: SMAW1020PK
  • Qty: 20  Worms
  • Length: 10 cm long
  • weight of 20 worms: 10.5 grams, approximately 0.525 grams each
  • Box dimensions: 4 x 9 x 2 cm
  • Colour: Brown
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