Fly Fishing Gear

Step into the tranquil world of fly fishing with our carefully curated collection of gear tailored to match every angler’s dream. From the novice to the seasoned professional, our small range ensures an unparalleled fishing experience.

Range Highlights

Discover our exclusive 60 Fishing Flies Set. Housed in a robust tackle box, offering variety and precision in your fishing adventures.

  • Dive deeper into specificity with our Assorted Trout Flies, available in vibrant green and black or the classic black shades.
  • For those looking to venture into more colourful options, our Colourful Fly Fishing Lure Sets in 12 packs are ideal picks.
  • If you’re in pursuit of comprehensiveness, the Mega Set, boasting a whopping 177 flies, is your go-to.
  • To get things started our Rod and Reel Combo, stretching 2.89 meters, ensures you’re geared up for any challenge.

Whether it’s the nymph fly lure sets or the individual fly lures packs, each product mirrors our commitment to quality, functionality, and affordability. Delve into our fly fishing gear haven and let every cast be a story of precision, patience, and passion.

We are a New Zealand based business with stock held locally here in NZ. Your order will be delivered to you within 2 to 3 working days on average.

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  • 60 Fishing Flies Set with Tackle Box Suckerme SMFS60
  • Artificial Insect Bait for fly fishing 10 pack suckerme smib10pk
  • Assorted-Trout-Flies-Green-and-Black-Colour-Fishing-Fly-Pack-Suckerme-FFP18PBG-1 2023
  • Bee Lure Fishing Flies 10 Pack Suckerme SMBF10PK adsports nz
  • Black-Trout-Flies-Set-Fly-Tackle-18-Pack-Suckerme-FFP18PB-1 2024
  • Fly Fishing Lure Set Flytackle12 Pack FFLS2 2022
  • Telescopic Fishing Net Foldable 2 Section Suckerme SFN120R Red Colour
  • Fly Fishing Lure Set Flytackle 12 Pack FFLS1 2022
  • Fly Fishing Mega Set 177 Flies with Tackle Box Suckerme SMFS177
  • Fly Lures Set Flytackle 30 Pack FFP30P
  • Fly Mimicking Lures 40 Pack Suckerme SMFML40PK
  • Foldable Fishing Net Single Section Suckerme SFN70R Red Colour
  • Fully Loaded Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel 5000 Series MCFR-5000
  • Green-Trout-Flies-Set-Fly-Tackle-18-Pack-Suckerme-FFP18PG-1 2023
  • Nymph Fly Set with 24 Brass Head Flies and Lure Box Suckerme SMFS24
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