Crank Baits | Stickbaits

Stickbaits also known as crank baits are some of the most effective fishing lures. They swim straight with little action unless manipulated by the user.

They are available in a variety of colours which can be used to change out your luck.

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  • Stickbait blue and purple 30 gram 7 cm Long Suckerme SBL308BP
  • stick bait lure black and purple 15 gram 10 cm CB1510-R
  • stick bait lure black blue green silver 15 gram 10 cm CB1510-A
  • stick bait lure blue silver 15 gram 10 cm CB1510-D
  • stick bait lure pink orange silver black 15 gram 10 cm 2022 CB1510-31
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