Fishing Popper Lures

Our fishing popper lures category features a selection of fishing popper lures tailored for catching large fish like kingfish.

Our larger lures, measuring 120 mm and weighing 40 grams, are designed to resemble fish, equipped with 3D eyes and lifelike skin for realism in water. This range includes various colors like blue, black-red-silver, and pink-silver-red. Each colour is suited for fishing in different conditions.

Another option in the category is a smaller 93 mm lure weighing 12.5 grams, available in six colors. This variety caters to different fishing preferences and conditions, making the collection suitable for both amateur and professional anglers in New Zealand.

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  • Fishing Popper Lures 120 mm 40 grams Blue
  • Fishing Popper Lures 120 mm 40 grams Black Red Silver
  • Multi-Colour popper lure for fishing 120 mm 40 grams yellow pink blue silver red black
  • Fishing Popper Fish Lure 120 mm 40 grams Pink
  • Fishing Popper Lures 93 mm 12.5 grams
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